LifeNet International

IMPACT: 2018

In 2018, LifeNet International improved the quality of healthcare for more than 1.5 million patient visits in 130 health facility partners in Burundi, Uganda, the DRC, and Malawi.

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patient visits directly impacted in 2018



deliveries impacted

More than 30,000 mothers and babies were successfully delivered and cared for by equipped hands of LN partner health workers. Thanks to LN training, these mothers and their babies were treated with respectful, compassionate, and medically-sound care.



hours of training

LN’s local trainers conducted 3,302 hours of in-person medical and management training with health workers and administrative staffs of our 130 health facility partners.



medicine deliveries

Provided to partner health facilities in Burundi. These deliveries brought medicines worth more than $88,000 to our partners, including pharmaceuticals that are essential to providing life-saving care for patients.

health worker testimony

“I recently conducted two successful neonatal resuscitations. Through LifeNet trainings and mentorship, I have become more skilled & confident in these lifesaving interventions.”

-Midwife, Uganda

Equipment Shipments

Health facility partners received two shipments of equipment: one shipment was sent to partners in Burundi and another to partners in the DRC. These shipments provided facilities with essential equipment, including vital signs monitors, ultrasound machines, autoclaves, and oxygen concentrators & stabilizers.

6 Million Impacted

Since 2012, LN has transformed healthcare in more than 6 million patient visits. More than 6 million visits have included compassionate, evidence-based care thanks to LN training, partnership, and mentoring.

LN Training

Expanding Impact
to Malawi

Thanks to a partnership with MBF, LN expanded operations into Malawi in 2018, beginning partnerships with 12 health facilities and opening an office in Lilongwe. Learn more

Masaka Presentation

NCD Program

LN conducted a successful non-communicable disease pilot in Uganda, in partnership with PCI and Letshego Financial Services. In October, we presented results at the 10th annual Masaka Diocese Health Assembly. Learn more

Lasting Impact: 2019 & Beyond

With thanks for all we accomplished together in 2018, we are motivated to continue expanding our impact in 2019 and beyond. We are working to see every person in sub-Saharan Africa lead a healthy and whole life. Over the next year, we will continue to pursue our 2030 vision of partnering with 1,000 health centers across 10 African countries. We’ve seen the impact LN partnership has had in more than 6 million patient visits. Our team is eager to impact millions more, until every person in Africa has access to quality healthcare.

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